Telecommunications & Signal Processing Laboratory

Multimedia Signal Processing

Software Packages

Audio File Programs and Routines

The AFsp package contains utility programs for copying, comparing, filtering, and resampling audio files of various formats. It also provides a library of routines for reading and writing audio files. The distribution contains Windows (command line), Linux, and Cygwin executables for the utility programs. It includes the C-language source code for building the programs and/or the library of routines. Documentation for the programs and the routines is available on-line: Audio File Programs and Routines.
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Signal Processing Software Library

The libtsp package is a library of C-language routines for signal processing. It subsumes the audio file processing routines that are part of the AFsp package (but not the audio utility programs). Documentation is available on-line: Signal Processing Software Library.
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Turbo Codes: Distance Measurements

Channel Coding using Turbo Codes (distance spectrum calculations): Distance Measurement Software.

Matlab Packages

The Matlab packages listed here are now available on the MathWorks site: MATLAB Central - Home. The links to MathWorks below go to pages with a short description of each package and a link to download the package.


Design linear-phase FIR filters - with upper/lower constraints and flexible specifications
    MATLAB Central - DFiltFIR
    Local Copy:


DFiltMPFIR designs minimum-phase FIR filters
    MATLAB Central - DFiltMPFIR
    Local Copy:


DFiltInt designs an interpolating filter or fractional delay filter for a given a signal power spectrum
    MATLAB Central - DFiltInt
    Local Copy:


FiltNyquist designs Nyquist (M'th band) filters
    MATLAB Central - DFiltNyquist
    Local Copy:


This program designs a prototype filter for use in a Quadrature Mirror Filter filterbank
    MATLAB Central - QMFDesign
    Local Copy:


Routines to design/evaluate MMSE scalar quantizers, and an efficient quantizer routine
    MATLAB Central - Quantizers
    Local Copy:


This program plots spectrograms (intensities versus frequencies, plotted against time)
    MATLAB Central - PlotSpectrogram
    Local Copy:

PlotFilter / Filter Coefficient Files:

PlotFilter plots filter responses. Filter files include ITU-T filters & QMF filters
    MATLAB Central - PlotFilter / Filter Coefficient Files
    Local Copy:

ITU-T G.723.1 Speech Coder and Decoder

This package has an implementation of the ITU-T G.723.1 speech coder in Matlab. The report (included in the distribution) describing the speech coding algorithm is available from MMSP Lab - Reports.
    MATLAB Central - G.723.1 Speech Coder and Decoder
    Local Copy: (with Matlab wrapper around Windows compiled reference codec)

Perceptual Evaluation of Audio Quality (PEAQ)

Perceptual Evaluation of Audio Quality (PEAQ). This distribution is a Matlab implementation of the ITU-R BS 1387.1. The accompanying report describing PEAQ is available from MMSP Lab - Reports. A C-language version of this software (much faster) is part of the AFsp package: Audio File Programs and Routines.

Plot Routines (Matlab)

This distribution includes routines for streamlining customizing the appearance of plots in Matlab. The accompanying report is available from MMSP Lab - Reports.

LaTeX Packages

Thesis Macros

Macros for writing a thesis. The accompanying report is available from MMSP Lab - Reports. updated 2006-02-16


The TeXdraw package allows a user to produce PostScript drawings from within TeX and LaTeX: TeXdraw Documentation