void AFprintChunkLims(const AFILE *AFp, FILE *fpinfo)


Print the header/data (chunk) structure for an audio file


This formats and prints the file organization information. For IFF (Interchange File Format) audio files, the file is organized a chunks (named digital containers). These chunks are used to store auxiliary information and the audio data itself. Examples of IFF files supported by AFopnRead are AIFF/AIFF-C sound files, WAVE files, and CSL NSP files.

For other file formats pseudo chunks are identified. These pseudo chunks typically include the file identification string, the data format information ("fmt "), and the data storage area ("data").

The AFp->ChunkInfo structure has the following format,

  struct AF_chunkInfo {
    struct AF_chunkLim *ChunkLim[Nmax];
    int Nmax;             Size of ChunkLim
    int N;                Number of ChunkLim values set

where struct AF_ChunkLim is defined as

  struct AF_chunkLim {
    unsigned char ID[4];  Chunk ID
    long int Start;       Chunk start position in bytes
    long int End;         Last byte in the chunk


<- void AFprintChunkLims
-> const AFILE *AFp
Audio file parameter structure
<-> FILE *fpinfo
Output stream for the file information. If fpinfo is NULL, no information is written.

Author / revision:

P. Kabal / Revision 1.14 2020-11-26

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