int AFdWriteData(AFILE *AFp, const double Dbuff[], int Nval)


Write data to an audio file (double input values)


This routine writes a specified number of samples to an audio file. The double input data is converted to the audio file data representation. The file data representation is set on opening the file with routine AFopnWrite. This routine writes data sequentially to the file. A warning message is printed if the input values exceed the dynamic range of the file data representation.


<- int AFdWriteData
Number of samples written
Audio file pointer for an audio file opened by AFopnWrite
-> const double Dbuff[]
Array of doubles with Nval samples
-> int Nval
Number of samples to be written

Author / revision:

P. Kabal / Revision 1.15 2020-11-23

See Also

AFfWriteData, AFopnWrite

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