InfoAudio [options] AFile1 [AFile2 ... ]


Print audio file information


This program prints information about a number of audio files to standard output. The full output consists of the file type and name (indented part of the output below), the file data parameters, information records, and if appropriate, the chunk structure of the file.

   WAVE-ex file: --path--/test/xx.wav
     Samples / channel : 23808 (2.976 s)  YYYY-MM-dd hh:mm:ss UTC
     Sampling frequency: 8000 Hz
     Number of channels: 6 (16-bit integer) [5.1-surround]
  --File format--
  File name: xx.wav
  Offset to data: 130
  Sampling frequency: 8000
  No. frames: 23808
  No. channels: 6
  Data type: integer16
  Data byte order: little-endian
  Host byte order: little-endian
  Loudspeakers: FL FR FC LFE1 BL BR
  --Information records--
  creation_date: YYYY-MM-dd hh:mm:ss UTC
  software: CopyAudio
  --File layout--
   <RIFF> 0 -> 285825
       <WAVE> 8 -> 11
       <fmt > 12 -> 59
       <LIST> 60 -> 121
            <INFO> 68 -> 71
            <ICRD> 72 -> 103
            <ISFT> 104 -> 121
       <data> 122 -> 285825
   <EoF > 285826
   WAVE-ex file: <path>file.wav
     Samples / channel : 1000 (0.1 s)  YYYY-MM-dd hh:mm:ss UTC
     Sampling frequency: 10000 Hz
     Number of channels: 9 (16-bit integer) [7.1-surround -]

Non-printing characters (as defined by the routine isprint) in the information records are replaced by question marks.


Input file names, AFile1 [AFile2 ... ]:
The environment variable AUDIOPATH specifies a list of directories to be searched for the input audio file(s).
-i ICODE, --info_code=ICODE
Parameter to choose the information to be printed. The information that can be printed consists of four parts. The ICODE parameter is the sum of the codes which control printing of the individual parts.
  1:  Print the standard information: file name, filetype, no. samples ...
  2:  Print the file data parameters
  4:  Print the information records
  8:  Print the chunk configuration (only for AIFF/WAVE/NSP files)
The default is to print all of the information (ICODE=15). For ICODE=0, no information is printed, but the program return code indicates if all files were opened successfully.
-h, --help
Print a list of options and exit.
-v, --version
Print the version number and exit.

See routine CopyAudio for a description of other options.

-t FTYPE, --type=FTYPE
Input file type and environment variable AF_FILETYPE
-P PARMS, --parameters=PARMS
Input file parameters and environment variable AF_INPUTPAR

Environment variables:

This environment variable specifies a list of directories to be searched when opening the input audio files. Directories in the list are separated by colons (semicolons for Windows).

Author / version:

P. Kabal / v10r5 2023-04-10

See Also

CompAudio, CopyAudio

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