Telecommunications & Signal Processing Laboratory

Multimedia Signal Processing

Speech Database

Version 2 (2018-11)

The TSP speech contains over 1400 utterances spoken by 24 speakers (half male, half female). This report describes the TSP speech database. The data was recorded in an anechoic room. The database includes the original samples (48 kHz sampling rate), and also the data filtered and subsampled to different sample rates. The data is covered by a permissive Simplified BSD licence.

Network Delay Traces

18 round-trip network delay traces were collected. 8 were from a PC in the Telecommunications & Signal Processing (TSP) Laboratory at McGill University communicating with PC's at other universities within Canada and 10 were from a home PC in Montreal (connected by cable modem to the Internet) to other PC's within Canada (also connected by cable modem).

A modified version of ping was used to continuously send 45-byte ICMP packets every 10 ms. Each trace was for 1,000,000 packets, lasting a total of 2 hours 47 minutes. The traces contain the round-trip time recorded at the sender. A value of 0 ms in the trace that the packet was lost and never returned to the sender.