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LaTeX Macro Packages

slidepack Package

The slidepack macro package can be used to produce overhead transparencies, while maintaining all of the features of the LaTeX2e article class. This package sets the default font size to 20 points. Each slide has an optional frame, with an optional annotation.

The SlideMod package further customizes slides by invoking settings that are appropriate for slides (no paragraph indentation, relaxed right margins for lists, use an open circle for second level itemize lists, and a shadowbox for use in section headings).

latex2ps perl script is a perl script which runs LaTeX, BibTeX and dvips to produce a PostScript file. It automatically determines if BibTeX needs to be run and/or there are undefined references requiring LaTeX to be run a second time.

The latex2ps script scans the auxiliary file produced by LaTeX to determine if citations are out of date. If so, it runs BibTeX to bring citations up to date. It also scans the log file to determine if there remain any undefined references. If BibTeX has been run or there are undefined references, it runs LaTeX again. Finally it runs dvips to produce the PostScript file.

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