int STkeyXpar (const char Line[], const char Delims[], const char Quotes[], const char *KeyTable[], char Par[])


Decode keywords and return parameter values


This routine decodes a keyword and returns the associated parameter value from a line of text. Each parameter specification line contains information of the following form.
  <keyword> <sep> <value>
The value string is separated from the keyword by a character from a set of delimiter characters. The allowable keywords are specified in a keyword table. This routine finds the index of the keyword match and returns the value associated with the keyword as a string.

Whitespace before and after the keyword and the value is ignored. The entire value may be optionally enclosed in quotes. The quotes are removed before the value is returned.

The format of the keyword table entries is described in the documentation for routine STkeyMatch. This routine prints a warning message if the keyword does not match an entry in the keyword table.


<- int STkeyXpar
Index of the matched keyword. This value is set to -1 if no match is found.
  -1 - No match
   0 - Match to the first keyword
   1 - Match to the second keyword
-> const char Line[]
Input text line
-> const char Delims[]
Character string specifying delimiter characters
-> const char Quotes[]
Character string specifying pairs of quote characters (the left and right quote characters). In the part of the input string between a matched pair of quote characters, any other characters, including quote characters other than from the active pair, are treated as ordinary characters. Up to 5 pairs of quote characters can be specified. A zero length string indicates that quote characters should not to be recognized.
-> const char *KeyTable[]
Pointer array with pointers to the keyword strings. The end of the keyword table is signalled with a NULL pointer. Note that with ANSI C, if the actual parameter is not declared to have the const attribute, an explicit cast to (const char **) is required.
<- char Par[]
Parameter value associated with the decoded keyword. This array should allow for room for as many characters as are in the input line. This string can be the same string as Line.

Author / revision

P. Kabal / Revision 1.16 2003/05/09

See Also

STfindToken, STkeyMatch

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