int STdecNint (const char String[], int Nmin, int Nmax, int Ival[], int *N)


Decode integer values (variable number)


This routine decodes a string containing numeric data. Multiple data items data items in the string are separated by commas or white-space (as defined by the isspace routine). The decoded data is stored as integer values. If the number of data values in the string is less than a given minimum number or a decoding error is detected, an error message is printed and an error indication is returned. A warning messages is printed if extra data follows the requested values (this data is ignored).


<- int STdecNint
Error status,
  0 - no error
  1 - error, too few values or data format error
  2 - warning, data values too large or too small
-> const char String[]
Input string
-> int Nmin
Minimum number of values to be read (may be zero)
-> int Nmax
Maximum number of values to be read
<- int Ival[]
Array of Nmax elements used to store the decoded values. Only the first N values are modified.
<- int *N
Actual number of values decoded. In the case of an error, N indicates the number of values successfully decoded. In that case, N may be less than Nmin.

Author / revision

P. Kabal / Revision 1.25 2003/05/09

See Also

STdec1int, STdecNdouble, STdecNfloat, STdecNlong

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