int STcopyMax (const char Si[], char So[], int Maxchar)


Copy at most Maxchar characters to a string


This routine copies characters from the input string to the output string. Characters are copied until a null is seen in the input string or the number of characters copied is Maxchar. Then a trailing null character is appended to the output string. If the input string is longer than Maxchar (not including the null character), a string truncated warning message is printed.


    Number of characters in the output string
-> const char Si[]
Input character string
<- char So[]
Output character string. This string is always null terminated, with at most Maxchar characters not including the terminating null character. If the input string is longer than Maxchar, only the first Maxchar characters are copied and a warning message is printed.
-> int Maxchar
Maximum number of characters (not including the trailing null character) to be placed in So.

Author / revision

P. Kabal / Revision 1.17 2003/05/09

See Also

STcatMax, STcopyNMax

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