int SPfQuantL (double x, const float Xq[], int Nreg)


Binary search for a bounding interval


This function returns the index of the quantizer region corresponding to a given input value. The quantizer is specified by an array of quantizer decision levels. A binary search is used to determine the quantizer region.

The index value takes on values from 0 to Nreg-1. If Nreg is equal to one, the index is set to zero. Otherwise, the index is determined as shown in the following table. The number of decision levels is one less than the number of regions.

  index            input value
   0                    x < Xq[0]
   1           Xq[0] <= x < Xq[1]
   2           Xq[1] <= x < Xq[2]
  ...                  ...
   i         Xq[i-1] <= x < Xq[i]
  ...                  ...
 Nreg-2   Xq[Nreg-3] <= x < Xq[Nreg-2]
 Nreg-1   Xq[Nreg-2] <= x


<- int SPfQuantL
Output index of the quantizer region containing the input value x. The index takes on values from 0 to Nreg-1.
-> double x
Value to be quantized
-> const float Xq[]
Array of Nreg-1 quantizer decision levels which delimit the Nreg quantizer regions. These levels must be in ascending order.
-> int Nreg
Number of quantizer regions

Author / revision

P. Kabal / Revision 1.4 2004/07/11

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