double MSdPolyInt (double x, const double xa[], const double ya[], int N, double buff[])


Polynomial interpolation given a set of points


Given a set of points (xa and ya values), this routine evaluates the polynomial passing through those points. The calculation uses Neville's algorithm.
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The computational complexity is proportional to N^2. If the same polynomial is to be evaluated at several points, other schemes which pre-compute a set of coefficients for the polynomial may be preferable.


<- double MSdPolyInt
Value of the polynomial evaluated at x
-> double x
Evaluation point
-> const double xa[]
Array of N abscissa values
-> const double ya[]
Array of N ordinate values
-> int N
Number of reference points
-> double buff[]
Buffer (2N values) for use internally. If buff is set to NULL, a temporary buffer will be created internally.

Author / revision

P. Kabal / Revision 1.3 2003/05/09

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