void MSfIntLin (const double x[], const double y[], int N, const double xi[], double yi[], int Ni)


Interpolate a table of values using a piecewise linear interpolant


This routine calculates interpolated values for a function defined by a table of reference data values. The interpolated values are found by passing a piecewise linear interpolant through the reference data values.


-> const double x[]
Abscissa values for the reference points. These values must be in increasing order.
-> const double y[]
Ordinate values for the reference points
-> int N
Number of reference points
-> const double xi[]
Abscissa values for the interpolated points. These values must be bounded by x[0] and x[N-1]. The values xi[i] need not be in any particular order.
<- double yi[]
Resulting interpolated ordinate values
-> int Ni
Number of interpolated values

Author / revision

P. Kabal / Revision 1.2 2003/05/09

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