int MSdConvCof (double x[], int Nx, double y[], int Ny, double z[])


Convolve the coefficients of two vectors


This routine convolves the coefficients of two vectors. If the coefficients are considered to be polynomial coefficients, this operation is equivalent to polynomial multiplication. The operation can be summarized as follows.
  z[i] = SUM x[k] y[k-i],  0 <= i <= Nx+Ny-1.
This form of the sum assumes that y[i] is zero for i < 0 and i >= Ny. The number of coefficients in the vector z is Nx+Ny-1. The computation is arranged to allow the input vector x and the output vector z to be the same, i.e. the output values can overlay the input values.


<- int MSdConvCof
Number of output coefficients (Nx + Ny - 1)
-> double x[]
Input vector of coefficients (Nx values)
-> int Nx
Number of coefficients in x
-> double y[]
Input vector of coefficients (Ny values)
-> int Ny
Number of coefficients in y
<- double z[]
Output vector of Nx+Ny-1 coefficients representing the convolution of the coefficients of x and y. The vector x and the vector z can be the same.

Author / revision

P. Kabal / Revision 1.2 2003/05/09

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