void MAiPrint (FILE *fp, const char Header[], const int *A[], int Nrow, int Ncol)


Print an integer matrix along with a header text


This routine prints the values of an int matrix along with an identifying header. No printing occurs if the file pointer is NULL. The values for each row of the matrix are printed 5 to a line, with each row starting on a new line.


-> FILE *fp
File pointer for the output. If fp is NULL, no printing occurs.
-> const char Header[]
Character string for the header. This routine supplies a terminating newline. The header line is omitted if the header string is empty.
-> const int *A[]
Pointer to an array of row pointers. A is interpreted as an N by M matrix. Note that with ANSI C, if the actual parameter is not declared to have the const attribute, an explicit cast to (const int **) is required.
-> int Nrow
Number of rows in the matrix
-> int Ncol
Number of elements in each row (number of columns)

Author / revision

P. Kabal / Revision 1.12 2003/05/09

See Also

MAdPrint, MAfPrint, MAlPrint

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