int FLpreName (const char Fname[], char Pname[])


Return the last component of a file name stripped of its extension


This routine takes a filename and returns the last component of the filename stripped of the filename extension. The extension is the part of the last component of the path name beginning with (and including) a period. The string returned for a path name "/abc/def.gh.ij" is "def.gh".


<- int FLpreName
Number of characters in the output string
-> const char Fname[]
Input character string with the file name
<- char Pname[]
Output string filename string without the extension. This string is at most FILENAME_MAX characters long including the terminating null character.

Author / revision

P. Kabal / Revision 1.8 2003/05/09

See Also

FLbaseName, FLdirName, FLextName

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