char *FLfileDate (FILE *fp, int format)


Find the last modification time for an open file


This routine finds the last modified time for a file specified by the file pointer to an open file. This time is returned as a date/time string in one of a number of standard formats.

 Format  Example                      time zone    typical length
   0    Sun Sep 16 01:03:52 1973      local time   24 + null
   1    Sun Sep 16 01:03:52 EST 1973  local time   28* + null
   2    1994-01-23 09:59:53 EST       local time   23* + null
   3    1994-01-23 14:59:53 UTC       GMT          23 + null
             (*) the time zone length can vary


<- char *FLfileDate
Pointer to a character string for the date and time. This is a pointer to an internal static storage area; each call to this routine overlays this storage.
-> FILE *fp
File pointer for the file
-> int format
Date / time format code, taking on values from 0 to 3

Author / revision

P. Kabal / Revision 1.23 2003/05/09

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