int FLdReadData (const char Fname[], int MaxNval, float x[])


Read numeric data in text form from a file


This procedure reads floating point numeric data from a file. The file contains data in text form. Data fields are free format, with data values separated by white-space (as defined by isspace). Zero or more data values can appear in each line of input. Commas can also be used to separate data values, but only within a line, i.e. a comma should not appear at the end of a line. A "!" character marks the beginning of a comment that extends to the end of the line.

This routine prints an error message and halts execution on detection of an error.


<- int FLfReadData
Number of values returned
-> const char Fname[]
File name
-> int MaxNval
Maximum number of values to be returned
<- double x[]
Array of output values

Author / revision

P. Kabal / Revision 1.1 2005/02/01

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