void FIfPreem (double a, float *Fmem, const float x[], float y[], int Nout)


Preemphasize a signal using a first difference filter


The procedure processes an input signal using a first difference filter. The output is formed as follows.
  y[n] = x[n] - a * x[n-1] .
The preemphasis factor pre is zero for no filtering and equal to one for a full first difference. The filter memory Fmem is used to store the previous input value. Before processing any data, it is typically set to zero. On return, Fmem is equal to the last input data element processed. For block processing of a signal, the value of Fmem from one call is suitable as input to the next call.


-> double a
Preemphasis factor
<-> float *Fmem
Filter memory value. Fmem should be set to the value of the data sample immediately preceding the data in the array x. On return it is set to the last input value processed (x[Nout-1]). For block processing of a signal, the value returned from one invocation is suitable as input for the next invocation.
-> const float x[]
Input array of Nout data values.
<- float y[]
Output array of Nout values. This array can share storage with x.
-> int Nout
Number of output samples to be calculated

Author / revision

P. Kabal / Revision 1.9 2003/05/09

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