void FIdWinHamm (double win[], int N, double a)


Generate a generalized Hamming window


A generalized Hamming window is specified by the following equation,
                          2 pi i
  win[i] = (1-a) - a cos (------) , i = 0, ..., N-1

The parameter a is 0.46 for a conventional Hamming window, 0.5 for a full raised-cosine window, and 0 for a rectangular window. Note that for the full raised-cosine window, the two end points of the window are zero.

Define the effective window length as the length of a rectangular window which has the same energy as the Hamming window. Then the effective length of the Hamming window is

  L = N - 2a(N+1) + a^2 (3N+5)/2, for N > 3.
      2 - 8a + 8a^2,              for N = 2
      1                           for N = 1 (win[0] = 1)


<- double win[]
Array containing the window values
-> int N
Number of window values
-> double a
Window parameter; a=0.46 for a conventional Hamming window, a=0.5 for a full raised-cosine window, a=0 for a rectangular window. The window is non-negative for 0 <= a <= 0.5.

Author / revision

P. Kabal / Revision 1.3 2003/05/09

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