int AFsetSpeaker (const char String[])


Set defaults for loudspeaker spacial positions


This routine sets the default mapping of output channels to speaker positions. The spacial positions of the loudspeakers are specified as a list of comma and/or white-space separated locations from the list below.
  "FL"  - Front Left
  "FR"  - Front Right
  "FC"  - Front Center
  "LF"  - Low Frequency
  "BL"  - Back Left
  "BR"  - Back Right
  "FLC" - Front Left of Center
  "FRC" - Front Right of Center
  "BC"  - Back Center
  "SL"  - Side Left
  "SR"  - Side Right
  "TC"  - Top Center
  "TFL" - Top Front Left
  "TFC" - Top Front Center
  "TFR" - Top Front Right
  "TBL" - Top Back Lefty
  "TBC" - Top Back Center
  "TBR" - Top Back Right
  "-"   - none
A speaker position can be associated with only one channel. Only WAVE files store the speaker locations in the file header. In the case of WAVE files, the subset of spacial positions must appear in the order given above.


<- int AFsetSpeaker
Error flag, zero for no error
-> const char String[]
String containing the list of speaker positions

Author / revision

P. Kabal / Revision 1.2 2003/05/09

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