void AFsetInfo (const char Info[])


Set the audio file information string


This routine sets the information string to be written to an audio file header or trailer. By default the information records specify the date and user name. This routine allows the user to specify information records that are used in addition to, or in place of, the standard information records. This routine must be called before the audio file to be created is opened using AFopnWrite. After the file has been opened (and the information records have been created), there is an implicit call AFsetInfo(NULL) to reset the information string to the default condition. To override the default condition, this routine must be called each time before a file is opened for writing.

Standard Information:

  date: 1994-01-25 19:19:39 UTC    date
  sample_rate: 8012.5              sampling frequency (if non-integer)
  program: CopyAudio               program name (set by UTsetProg)

Additional structured information records should follow this format; a named field terminated by a colon followed by numeric data or a character string. Comments can follow as unstructured information.

  Record delimiter: Newline character or the two character escape
      sequence "\" + "n".  The last record need not have a delimiter.
  Line delimiter: Within records, lines are delimited by a carriage
      control character, the two character escape sequence "\" + "r",
      or the two character sequence "\" + newline.
If the information string starts with a record delimiter, the information string is appended to the standard information string. If not, the user supplied information string appears alone.

If the input information string is a NULL pointer, the standard information is used. If the information string starts with a record delimiter, the input information string is added to the existing information records (the standard information and/or any previously specified records). Otherwise the input information string replaces the standard information. The following examples illustrate the behaviour.

- AFsetInfo (NULL)
Reset, use only the standard information records
- AFsetInfo ("")
No information records
- AFsetInfo ("<info>")
Replace existing information with <info>; do not use the standard information records
- AFsetInfo ("\n<info>")
Add <info> to the existing information string.


-> const char Info[]
String containing the user supplied information

Author / revision

P. Kabal / Revision 1.45 2006/06/06

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