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The libtsp package is a library of C-language routines for signal processing. It is a superset the audio file processing routines that are part of the AFsp package. Documentation is available on-line: Signal Processing Software Library.

The table below shows the versions available.

libtsp-V2R8.tar.Z 1997-03
libtsp-v3r1.tar.gz 1999-12
libtsp-v4r0.tar.gz 2001-04
libtsp-v5r6.tar.gz 2003-01
libtsp-v6r0a.tar.gz 2003-06
libtsp-v6r3.tar.gz 2006-06
libtsp-v7r0.tar.gz 2010-09

September 2010

libtsp library routines

The libtsp package is a library of routines for signal processing. It also includes a number of general purpose routines useful for program development. Programs using this library for filtering, LPC analysis/synthesis and resampling are available as part of the AFsp package.

The libtsp library routines are divided into a number of categories, with the
first two letters of the name keyed to the category.

AF - Audio file routines
- Open and close audio files
- Read and write audio files
FI - Filtering routines
- Filter a signal (FIR and IIR filters)
- Generate windows (Hamming, Kaiser and raised-cosine)
- Design Kaiser-windowed lowpass filters
- Read filter coefficient files
FL - File routines
- Fill in the full path name for a file name
- Return the creation date for a file
- Prompt and read a line of text
- Read and write numeric data
FN - Functions
- Bessel function (0'th order modified)
- Greatest common divisor
- Series expansion of Chebyshev polynomials
- Log base 2
MA - Matrix routines
- Allocate space for a matrix
- Print a matrix
- Solve equations (Cholesky decomposition and Toeplitz matrix)
MS - Miscellaneous routines
- Convolve coefficients of two arrays
- Nearest integer, floor and ceiling functions
- Interpolate a table of values (linear and cubic)
- Rational approximation to a value
SP - Signal processing routines
- Fast Fourier transform (complex and real)
- Discrete cosine transform
- Calculate covariance or autocorrelation from a block of data
- Convert between linear prediction parameters (error filter coefficients, predictor coefficients, cepstral coefficients, line spectral frequencies, reflection coefficients, autocorrelation coefficients)
- Solve for linear prediction coefficients (covariance and autocorrelation methods)
- Calculate the mean-square filtering error
- Distance measures (Itakura-Saito and RMS log LPC)
- Quantize a value given a table of boundaries (binary search)
ST - String routines
- Copy and concatenate strings
- Decode numeric values from a string
- Match a string to a table of keywords
UT - Utility routines
- Decode command line options
- Error message routines
VR - Vector routines
- Print a vector of values
- Vector functions (zero an array, convert to dB, dot product, minimum,
maximum, scale, add, subtract, multiply)

The libtsp routines are written in C and have been tested on Unix and Windows machines.

The routines are covered by copyright, see the file "Copying" for details of the distribution conditions.


Changes in v7r0
- Fix to parameter scanning (STdec1val)
- Use private typedef names to avoid conflicts
- Use #def's to avoid warning messages (MSVC and math.h)
- MSVC files updated for Visual C++ 2008
Changes in v6r4
- Updates to a small number of routines
Changes in v6r3
- User identity removed from audio file information
Changes in v6r2
- More double precision versions
Changes in v6r1
- Internal changes, AFsetInfo replaces AFsetHinfo
Changes in v6r0a
- Updated audio read/write routines
Changes in v5r6
- Support for AIFF and WAVE_NOEX audio files
Changes in v5r5
- Several routines now have float / double variants
Changes in v5r4
- Plug a memory leak in audio open routines (Thanks to RS @ FhG)
- More type casts for fussy compilers
Changes in v5r2
- updated audio header routines
Changes in v4r0
- several routines now have float and double versions
Changes in v3r1
- support for new data types for audio files, new FI routines, MS Visual C project
Changes in v3r0
- support for stdin/stdout for audio files
- more flexible error recovery for audio files
- support for header information fields
- minor fixes
Changes in V2R8
- support for Comdisco SPW Signal files
- support for 64-bit float data in audio files
Changes in V2R7a
- support for 8-bit data in audio files
Changes in V2R6
- support for text audio files
- Kaiser window routines
- more string decoding routines
Changes in V2R5
- HTML format documentation
Changes in V2R4b
- new audio file formats supported
- fix to UTgetHost for Solaris
- fix to AFwriteHead
Changes in V2R3
- changes for MS-DOS
Changes in V2R2
- changes for Sun CC compiler
Changes in V2R1
- first net release

Peter Kabal
Dept. Electrical & Computer Engineering McGill University
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