WAVE Sample Files

The following are WAVE files with various data types.

Sample Files from CopyAudio

The CopyAudio program (part of the AFsp package) can produce output files of a number of different types. Samples files produced by converting stereo 16-bit data are as follows. All of these files have information chunks at the end of the file after the sampled data.

Sample Files from GoldWave

The following file were created by Goldwave. The -law and A-law formats differ slightly from those produced by CopyAudio (The ITU-T standard is permissive as to which way to quantize sample values which fall exactly mid-way between output values.)

Multi-Channel Examples (WAVE_FORMAT_EXTENSIBLE)

A six channel (5.1 channel) audio file from the Microsoft site: 5.1 Audio

6_Channel_ID.wav (3.0 MB) Warning: LARGE file
A 6-channel WAVE file with speaker locations (FL FR FC LF BL BR)
44100 Hz, 16-bit, 5.8 s
- This file has a "cue " chunk with a count of zero cue points, followed by two empty cue point structures.

An eight channel (7.1 channel) audio file from the Microsoft site: Creating 7.1 Audio

8_Channel_ID.wav (8.8 MB) Warning: LARGE file
An 8-channel WAVE file with speaker locations (FL FR FC LF BL BR - -)
48000 Hz, 24-bit, 8.05 s
- The voice annotation and tone for this file appear in the channels in the recording as follows. The relative times of the voice annotation in the different channels is indicated by the ordinal number.
  Channel 1: 1st:  "Front Left"
  Channel 2: 2nd: "Front  Right"
  Channel 3: 3rd: "Centre"
  Channel 4: 6th:  tone
  Channel 5: 4th: "Back Left"
  Channel 6: 5th: "Back Right"
  Channel 7: 7th: "Auxiliary Left"
  Channel 8: 8th: "Auxiliary Right"

SoundCard Attrition Files (including WAVE_FORMAT_EXTENSIBLE files)

These files are taken from Soundcard Attrition Page.

Perverse Files

The following WAVE files are perverse or have problems.

Other WAVE files

These files are from CCRMA at Stanford: ftp://ftp-ccrma.stanford.edu/pub/Lisp/sf.tar.gz.